Join Our Team

We are looking for team-oriented people, who put “we” before “me” and want to help building the future of the food logistics industry with us.

Open to learning, professional development and expertise sharing

We continually support learning and professional development. For us, we gain experience by sharing it.

Responsible problem solvers

Timing is everything. We know the value of offering solutions at the right time and the right place by leveraging our talent and expertise. We also know the value of keeping calm under pressure.

Believe in values like integrity and equality

We believe that the most transparent way to gain trust is striving to achieve personal goals in a fair and honest manner.

Have creative and innovative points of view

We invest in candidates who can think outside the box like an entrepreneur, fusing their creativity with the demands of the customer to design value-added solutions that work.

Hiring & Application Process

If you are ready for a new adventure, let’s talk.

How to Apply

Discover career opportunities and apply to our company through a variety of online platforms, events, our Human Resource portal, newspaper ads, websites and career days.

Evaluation of Candidates

Our Human Resources team reviews your experience and determines your eligibility for positions in which you can excel and create the most value. Your applications are stored in a highly secured and confidential database.

The Interview

The Human Resources team evaluates candidates through multi-staged behavioral, psychometric and English proficiency interviews. We value all candidates who apply to PolarXP. Our Human Resources team reaches out to all candidates via email or phone regarding the results of the interview process.

Feedback & Second Round of Interviews

Candidates, who meet the respective role’s criteria and the company profile, are called in for a second round of interviews to meet with department managers. Our Human Resources team reaches out once more with final results of the interview process.

Reference Check & Job Offer

We prefer to work with candidates, who are talented team players. If you make it to this step in the interview process, we will check your references, provide you with an offer, and welcome you into the PolarXP family.