Distribution Network

Deliver your products with PolarXP to anywhere in Turkey.

Whether it is a box, a whole pallet or more… We give you the only distribution network that can reach 81 cities, 931 counties on time with a scheduled distribution model in three temperature categories.

We manage the only distribution infrastructure that can collect from or deliver to anywhere in Turkey with our vehicles, logistics systems, collection and distribution centers spread over production and consumption hubs of the country.

Our Fleet

Turkey’s largest and most advanced temperature-controlled fleet.

Our temperature-controlled vehicles designed to ensure food security to meet our quality standards is the backbone of Turkey’s largest temperature-controlled logistics distribution infrastructure, PolarXP.

The PolarXP system contains 1.100 temperature-controlled vehicles. Our fleet includes all types of vehicles such as the TIRs, trucks, micro distribution vans and mini vans, enabling the distribution network to operate as a complete system.

The PolarXP fleet (TIRs) is specially designed multi-chambered, suitable for double deck loading, with a 2.9m inner height making it suitable for double deck loading and transporting multiple types of products that need to be stored in different temperature ranges.

Mini Van




Distribution Technologies

Make a difference with PolarXP’s unrivaled service concept and technologies.

Load Management System

PolarXP governs Turkey’s most comprehensive and complex distribution infrastructure and manages it with the Transportation Management System (TMS) developed over the course of years. This system ensures that tens of thousands of loads we carry every day are delivered to the scheduled address at the right time, unharmed and at the right temperature.

Order Management

PolarXP customer service department enters order details of the load into the PolarXP TMS system and creates a tracking ID for the entire process until delivery and shares it with the customer.

Collection of Products

Orders saved in the TMS system and product collection processes to be handled by PolarXP are shared with the operations department. The operations department coordinates the collection of products with customers and vehicle traffic, guaranteeing the necessary operation is carried out.

Cross Docking Management

Collected products are delivered to PolarXP warehouses and transfer centers. The products are checked at the warehouse entrances on the basis of specific documentation, volume and weight. Later on, they are registered to the TMS system and stocked at our warehouses after being barcoded.

Line Haul Management

The products that are separated based on their target destination are brought up to the ramp of vehicles. After their barcodes are checked, they are loaded to the specific vehicle.

Distribution Management

When line haul vehicles reach targeted distribution warehouses, barcodes are checked, products are counted and admitted to the warehouses. After the admission, products are loaded to micro distribution vehicles based on the routing model created by TMS and the delivery operation continues.

Vehicle & Heat Tracking System

The entire fleet of PolarXP is monitored via real-time satellite tracking system. Temperature sensors in the vehicle also provide data transfer to the system.

When the vehicle is loaded, the system automatically knows how much load should be transported. If the temperature falls below specified limits, it automatically warns the central units by an alarm or a phone call.

Document & Delivery Management

NetSafe, which is one of the technological advantages PolarXP has to offer, is a software that allows the digital delivery of POD (Proof of Delivery) copies within 3 days at the latest. This software allows PolarXP drivers to take photos to prove the delivery and upload them to NetSafe. The uploaded delivery documents are immediately forwarded to relevant parties.

NetInfo is the tracking system which enables you to get a report by connecting to the information platform of our group. Our customers can check the date and time of pick-up, and also the date, time and condition of their delivery to our warehouses.

Online Cargo Tracking

In order to effectively manage our strong fleet, we utilize latest information technologies at the highest level. With our integrated technology infrastructure, you can access real-time data about all transport operations from our customer portal and keep an eye on the temperature of your shipments.

Expert Drivers

We invest in our drivers according to the requirements of the food industry.

The drivers in the PolarXP family play a crucial role as our company ambassadors. In our journey, we pay great attention to ensure that the competency of our drivers is in line with PolarXP standards for higher customer satisfaction.

Therefore, we select all our colleagues, who will join our team, with great care and give our team continuous training to gain expertise. We update trainings prepared specifically for cold chain logistics by leveraging latest technology and industry know-how. In this way, we offer sustainable and long-lasting relationships to our dedicated team.

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