Temperature Controlled Warehousing

Our temperature controlled warehouses conforming to global standards, ensure that your products are kept in the right condition.

Keeping food products at the right temperature, prevents bacteria from growing, preserves the freshness of the products and protects consumer health. Your products taste as they should and all nutritional values ​​are preserved. In short, if the conversation is about human health than you have no right of leaving anything to chance.

Our climate-controlled warehouses operating with 3 main temperature categories were designed to keep your products hygiene and at the right temperature. Thanks to our advanced technology, products that should be stored in different temperature ranges never end up together and are constantly audited by food engineers. Product temperatures are also under control all the time with our real-time tracking technologies.

We have more than 130.000 m² storage space in our temperature-controlled facilities that are located in 21 cities in Turkey. We are proud to provide a warehousing infrastructure that serves 1.200 customers and reaches anywhere within 24 hours.

We house thousands of products of locally and globally known brands.

Warehousing Solutions

We store more than 100.000 pallets of products in our temperature-controlled warehouses around Turkey. Products of more than 600 customers are handled in cool, cold or frozen temperature categories under FEFO standards.

Temperature Controlled Warehousing Services

  • Inventory Management
  • Barcoding & Labeling
  • Palletizing / Re-Palletizing
  • Pick & Pack
  • Disposal

Temperature Controlled Warehouse Types

  • Central (Main) Warehouses
  • Transfer Centers
  • Customer Dedicated Warehouses
  • Multi-User Warehouses
  • Bonded Warehouses
Cross-Docking Management

We collect products, which should be transported to many different distribution points, from your production facilities and bring them to our transfer centers. In these centers, we hand your products over to PolarXP, which is the only distribution network that can reach all over Turkey at the right temperature and with correct vehicles. In this way, we deliver your goods within 24 to 48 hours anywhere in Turkey.

Bonded Warehousing

Bonded warehouses in Turkey are typically fictitious warehouses that exporter and the importer companies establish for themselves. PolarXP owns two of the very unique temperature-controlled warehouses run by 3PL.

Value Added Services

The need of every industry or even company may be different. Naturally, so are their value-added service expectations. From promotional product management to semi-production, from labeling and barcoding to packaging, we customize your imported food products to meet different market requirements. While we contribute to the expansion of your product range leading you to offer more options to your customers, we also continue to design solutions tailored to your needs with our experience and knowledge on various industries.

Here are our capabilities that we have built just for you:

  • Quick-Freezing
  • Re-Tempering
  • Barcoding and Labeling
  • Product Assembly and Packaging
  • Kit Creation
  • Palletizing / Re-Palletizing
  • In-House Laboratory and Quality Tests

Warehouse Infrastructure

All PolarXP warehouses are built conforming to global standards.

Consumer health and food safety is the ultimate reason for PolarXP’s existence. We build our warehouses to the highest possible standards in order to ensure that temperature ranges can be preserved at the right level, while maintaining the most effective use of energy possible. We also make sure that our employees are working in a safe environment.

1 Roof Panels

PolarXP uses fire-resistant and well-known Kingspan Panels on all its warehouses.

2 Wall Panels

Kingspan insulated panels contain special polyurethane resistant to fire and consist of two sheet surfaces covering the intermediate layer.

3 Below Ground Isolation

We implement the ground isolation by 5 cm thick foam boards, to ensure the consistency of temperature levels in the warehouse.

4 Warehouse Flooring

The grounding of our warehouses are done by using 20 cm thick C30 cement between double layered 11 mm steel crossings.

5 Dual Ramp Corridor for Humidity Control

We create 10 m. receiving areas to ensure the temperature easing in to the warehouse. By separating the receiving and shipping area from the actual warehousing area, we control the humidity better.

6 Chiller Units

Chiller units are implemented outside of the facility.

7 Ventilation Systems

PolarXP uses a combined cooling and humidity control system.

8 Receiving and Docking Stations

Hydraulic loading lifts are installed into pits with air sealing so that forklifts are able to drive directly into vehicles.

9 Temperature Management Stations

The warehouse temperature levels are managed and controlled by a central management system. Operating on a 24/7 automated alarm system, the mechanism triggers an alarm in case of a malfunction, notifying identified people and offices via SMS or a phone call.

10 Temperature Control Units

We have around 64 temperature and humidity control devices across the warehouse.

11 Fire Sprinklers

Our warehouses have a ceiling fire sprinkler system installed to assure the prevention of fire. Laser beam smoke detectors triggers the activation of this system.

12 Cold Chambers

Cold chambers are separated by 20 cm thick panels for better isolation, leading to a stronger cooling system.

13 Electric Forklift Charge Areas

Forklift charge areas are positioned in a dedicated area, away from our customer’s goods. Surrounded by a brick wall, this room has a separate air ventilation system as well as a carbon fire sprinkler system.

14 Back-up Generators

There are 3 x 750 kWh generator sets available to assure the maintainability of our warehouses.. Also, there is a 2 ton tank unit, 50 m. away from our warehouses to fuel these gen sets in case of a longer failure.

Warehouse Technologies

Hundreds of thousands of SKUs, 21 warehouses, 3 temperature categories and tens of thousands of orders per day.

Guided by our industry expertise and industry know-how, we rely on advanced automation tools in all our warehouses to manage your operations by maximizing efficiency, speed and space. Considering the logistics needs of our customers, we have made sure that all our temperature-controlled warehouses are located at places that allow for faster transit times and just-in-time delivery. All our services are designed to meet highest level of hygiene and quality expectations of your end customers.

We leverage various technologies for faster and better planned warehousing.

Warehouse Management System (WMS)

All warehouse and X-Dock operations within PolarXP are executed through the AxataWM Warehouse Management System. WMS (Warehouse Management System) is a dynamic system designed to manage all operations performed in warehouses in real time. It provides a fast, paperless and sustainable operation with minimum resources.

  • FIFO, FEFO, Customer Specific FIFO and Storage Control
  • Fast and Accurate Entry/Acceptance, Placement and Aggregation with Barcoding
  • Fast and Accurate Classification with Advanced Counting Algorithms
  • 99.99% Accuracy in Inventory Management
  • Traceability and Performance Management of Products during All Processes

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